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I'm Luke and I'm an English native speaker from England and qualified English teacher in Lviv. I offer English lessons online and face-to-face English lessons in Lviv. I also offer English language services like proofreading, rewrites, and job interview preparation. 


I teach English online with Skype and Zoom. Online lessons are perfect for those who can't find the time to meet or go to a school. If you're looking to study English online with a native speaker from England, get in contact


I'm always happy to help. Maybe you need help with preparing for a job interview, checking documents,  writing a CV, or looking for an English native speaker to do some voice recording.


English lessons with a native speaker from England in Lviv. I offer lessons at my place, your place, your office, or in a public place. Whatever makes you feel most comfortable..

25 Euro - 60 minutes

75 Zloty - 60 minutes

400UAH- 60 minutes

$25 USD- 60 minutes



I prepare students for Cambridge English exams like KET, PET, FCE, and CAE. I also help students get ready for IELTS in Lviv


A blog for students written by a native speaker from England to help and improve their English with a focus on common mistakes made by Russian and Ukrainian speakers of English


In-company training in Lviv for your staff run by a native speaker from England  in certain areas of English like, customer service, presentations, or a specific area of English.

Pay online

If you wish to make a payment online, you can here

Current location



Lviv - Ukraine


English speaking clubs for teenagers and adults in Lviv by a native English speaker from Britain. A different topic each time.

Stryiska Street 76a,Lviv, Lviv oblast 79000


English is the international language of the world, and so is football, so why not put the two together and start using your English to talk about something that you love

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