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I'm Luke and I'm a native speaker from England and English teacher in Lviv. I've been teaching for over 7 years. My journey into English language teaching all started in Kiev, Ukraine, where I was travelling. A conversation about football​ turned to a conversation about the English language, English, learning, and teaching

and the rest is history as they say.


Since that chat, I have had the pleasure of working in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and of course England. I have enjoyed meeting and teaching students from over 25 different countries.


I now teach in-company, privately, and online. When I'm not teaching I like to keep track of my favourite football team Arsenal. Travel, eat, watch films and TV series' 

So, that is a brief introduction about me. If you're interested in lessons or any language services, get in touch.



20 Euro - 60 minutes

75 Zloty - 60 minutes

400UAH - 60 minutes

500 CZK - 60 minutes


Native speaker Lviv
Two words you will no doubt hear from a native speaker from the UK and Australia are cheers and mate. Now, I'm sure you are aware
that people say cheers when they have a beer in celebration. Well, it's most common meaning is 'thank you' and mate is simply
another word for friend, so when the two are put together and
you hear 'cheers, mate' it simply means, thank you, friend.

Exam preparation Lviv


IELTS preparation LVIV

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Stryiska Street 76a,Lviv, Lviv oblast 79000

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