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I am a fair man. If a student turns up 15 minutes late, I like to give that student that 15 minutes back. I shouldn't of course. The student was late, not me. But, as I said, I am a fair man. Also, I think my prices are rather fair too. Over the last 3 years my prices have pretty much stayed the same. I've always kept the original prices for students who have



1 x Lesson  - 500UAH

4 x Lessons - 1800UAH

In-Company - 700UAH

Online Lesson - 500UAH


Native English

studied with me before any slight increase and that will always remain the same. I told you, I am fair. The start of the 22/23 academic year will introduce a different system and rate for students and will be as follows..

1 x 60 minute lesson = 500UAH - basically you have a lesson, and then you pay. Simple. You have full flexibility over cancellation or not coming....

There is an addition 100UAH charge for anyone aged 14-17, exam prep, and for groups of 2 or 3 people. 

4 x 60 minute lesson = 1800UAH - you pay for 4 lessons upfront. This way you save yourself 200UAH. But, you will need to let me know 6 hours before the lesson start time if you want to cancel it or you are not able to make it. If you let me know 6 hours before, you won't pay for the lesson. If you let me know fewer than 6 hours before the lesson, the lesson will be charged. You can put off/cancel a lesson three times with notice. It will be a charged lesson if you fail to attend the fourth time. 

There is an addition 200UAH charge for anyone aged 14-17, exam prep, and for groups of 2 or 3 people. 

Online Lessons = 500UAH - I do teach students online who are not based in Ukraine. I use Skype and Zoom. They pay in a different currency which often converts in a higher price than if I was to do a lesson here in Ukraine. 500UAH is a special price for Ukrainians regardless of which city they are in within Ukraine. These lessons should be paid in cash or bank transfer after the lesson. 

There is an addition 100UAH charge for anyone aged 14-17, exam prep, and for groups of 2 or 3 people. 

In-company = 700UAH - These lessons should be paid for after each one is done unless you need to be officially invoiced at the end of the month. Lessons can be done online or in-person. You can find out more about in-company lessons here

Important for companies. I run a Ukrainian Limited Company, this means I can officially invoice you and provide you with an act for lessons or work I do for you. A contract between my business and yours can be officially signed. I have an English / Ukrainian contract ready. 

I understand not everyone can afford lessons with a native speaker, and that's why I am happy to offer free lessons to the right student. To be able to qualify for free lessons, and keep in mind this is limited to 1 x 60 minute lesson a week, the student will need to A) submit a 250 word essay - no longer - on "What I like about English and how I plan to use it in the future" and B) an interview which will either be done in person at my classroom or over the phone. 


Please note my academic year runs from September - May

Current FREE student places: 1

In England we have a few informal words that are commonly used to  describe someone with a lot of money like loaded, minted, and well-off. The opposites of these are skint and broke. Perfect to describe an English language teacher. 


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