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English is important, there is no doubt about that, but you or your staff might need training in a certain area of English. I offer training for companies in the following areas that might be of interest to you and your business.


1500UAH per 60 minute session


Native English

Each training course lasts 5 hours and they are broken down into 4 individual sessions where the objective of each training course is to introduce vocabulary and expressions needed to be able to carry out a certain action in the workplace in English. Each session will end in a role-play.

Below are the current training courses that are on offer.

Customer Service:  For those who deal with customers...more info

Presentations: For those who plan on giving presentations.... more info 

Writing Emails: For those who have to to write and send emails in English...more info 


phrasal verbs are really important in understanding and sounding natural in English. The problem with them, is one phrasal verb might have several different meanings. Replacing normal words for phrasal verbs will help you sound more natural. Have a look at some commonly used PVs 

Did you solve/fix the problem with the computer?
Did you sort out the problem with the computer?

I'm a bit busy now, can you wait until later?
I'm a bit busy now, can you hang on until later?


Who is the training aimed at?– the training is aimed at people who need knowledge or practice in a certain area of English for their job.

What level do I need to be able to take part in the training? - students should have at least an intermediate level of general English knowledge to be able to get the most out of the sessions. All sessions are taught by a native speaker from England.

How much is a training course? A course will cost 7000UAH

What is the maximum number of people per training course?  To make sure employees get the most out of the training a limit of 6 employees per training course has been set

How long is each session? Each session will last between 60-75 minutes

When and where will the training take place? All training will be held on the company's premises therefore a conference room will be needed. Courses run from Monday - Thursday and can run before, during, or after work hours. 

Can the training be run in one day? An intensive training day can be done providing it does not conflict with other commitments. The price for an intensive training day is 8500UAH



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Current location


Perova Street, 7, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

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