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For Students: Fame

Updated: Mar 21

Fame or fortune which one would you choose? They don’t always go hand-in-hand, but there is no doubt if you’re famous, you can make money, even if you’re a z-list celebrity, but once you get to the top of your game, the hardest part is staying there. Being famous for 5 minutes isn’t good enough, you need to stay relevant because the only way to go then, is down and the once house-hold name could become a has-been.

You have to be thick-skinned if you want to be in the public eye or the limelight. Especially nowadays with social media platforms. People hurling abusive comments at you, threatening your family, trolls online trying to get a reaction. Not only online either, you’re bound to be hassled by fans asking for selfies or for you to sign something even when you just want to go for a walk with your family. Bye-bye privacy. If you can’t take it, you’ll probably going to crack under pressure, which could lead to substance abuse, drinking too much, mismanagement of money which can then lead to bankruptcy, and the saddest of all committing suicide.

Note: Russian and Ukrainian will often say MAKE suicide. Just like the word crime you always COMMIT it

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Fame isn’t all doom-and-gloom though, think of all the freebies you get from companies who want you to be seen wearing or using their stuff. You’d have the chance to meet other famous people you look up to and when you’re at your peak you can make a packet. It’s not all about the glitz and glamour. As you are known, when you speak, people listen, you have the ability to do good, promote causes, and highlight issues in society and problems around the world. And, if you’re from the UK, you could be knighted and then become a SIR or a DAME for all your good work.

Going back to the darker side of fame, there is a club known as the 27 club which is a list of famous people who tragically died at the age of just 27. A few names you might know from this club are Amy Whorehouse, Kurt Cobain, and Jim Morrison all struggled with the price of fame. It’s always a shock to hear that someone who is successful and sometimes, not always, wealthy has taken their own life be it by hanging themselves, taking an overdose, shooting themselves or even being shot by someone.

So which one would you choose?


Are you thick-skinned enough to handle fame?

What part of fame would you struggle with most?

Can you think of any famous people who committed suicide? Do you know how, and why?

Which celebrities are sex-symbols?

Can you think of any celebrities who have been knighted?

Can you think of any cases of overnight success?

Do you like being in the limelight?

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Fame - the noun for famous. Someone well known for something

Fortune – your wealth including property, possessions and money

Go hand-in-hand – together

Z-list – the lowest type of famous person

Celebrity – a famous person

Top of your game – to be performing the best you can in your industry

Famous for 5 minutes – someone who is famous and then fades away very quickly

To be relevant – to still have things people want

House-hold name – a person who is known by everyone

Has-been – a person who used to be famous, but now isn’t relevant

Thick-skinned – to be a person who isn’t easily affected by criticism or what people say

To be in the public eye – when everything you do is reported on

Limelight – when you’re the focus or attention

Abusive commentsnot very nice things said about you

Threatening / threaten to tell someone you will hurt them or their family

Bound toto be certain

To be Hassled / To hasslewhen people bother you a lot by asking for things or questions

Can’t take it something you don’t want to do any more and just want to stop

Crack under pressurewhen the pressure gets too much and you go crazy

Substance abusetaking drugs

Bankruptcy when you lose all your money

Commit suicidewhen you kill yourself

Doom-and-gloomsad and no positives

Freebies - things you don't have to pay for because they are given to you

Look up to (someone)to admire and respect someone. Someone who can inspire you

At the peakat the top

Make a packet to earn lots of money

Glitz and glamour - fashionable, stylish, and expensive

To be knighted when the queen or king recognises your work and you are given the title of sir or madam

Tragic something very sad

Struggle (with) when you don’t find something easy

The price of famethe bad things that happen and you have to do to remain famous

To hang yourself – to tie something around your neck and then jump off something...

Overdose to take too many pills or drugs

Sex-symbola famous person who is looked at as being sexy and stylish

Overnight success success that happens very quickly

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