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For Students: Different meanings of GET!

Updated: Mar 21

Get, get, get! What a word! But it can also be a bastard for students! Why? Because it has many different meanings. While we can usually GET the meaning from its context, sometimes it can be overwhelming when it pops up again and again and again.

The thing is, it is used a lot, and it's really nice and natural sounding when we include it in our own English. Below you find 11 of the most useful meanings of GET which you can start using in your own English.

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1st GET = buy

Where did you GET your shoes? I GOT them in the Adidas shop in Madrid. Can you GET me a pair next time you are there?

2nd GET = arrive

What time did you GET here? I GOT here at 7am. I usually GET here at 8am, but I stayed at my mum's house last night.

3rd GET = To strike someone or be struck by someone or something

He kicked the ball and it GOT me right in the back of the head. I didn’t mean to GET you, I tried to GET the post.

4th GET = persuade

You need to GET him to work on Monday because I won't be there. I didn't want to go, but she GOT me to go with her. Yeah, she tried to GET me to go and I said no

5th GET = answer a door or phone

Sara, can you GET the door, I'm in the toilet!

She called me but it stopped when I was about to GET it

6th GET = to travel somewhere / travel by

How are we going to GET to the conference John will drive us there and we will GET the train back.

7th GET = to pay for something

I didn't have any money so John GOT the coffee. I told him I would GET the cinema tickets next week.

8th GET = to bring someone something

Can you GET me a drink from the fridge? And, can you GET Julia my umbrella from the small room upstairs.

9th GET = to have the chance / opportunity

When I was there, I GOT to speak to him for 15 minutes. It was really interesting. He said he won't GET to visit our school when he's in London next month though.

10th GET = understand

It was my first time in Newcastle and I had never heard the accent before. I didn't GET anything anyone said to me.

The exam was so hard I didn’t GET almost any of the questions

11th GET = ORDER

Can I GET two cheeseburgers and a Pepsi, please? Coming right up, sir. I GOT the cheeseburger last time I was here. Good choice.

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