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Business English: Networking

Updated: Mar 21

There are conferences happening all over the world every weekend, some national, and some international. When it comes to the international ones, you’re probably going to need English, especially if you want to network in between the talks. Below you’ll find some useful questions and phrases that you can use next time you find yourself in a room full of people you don’t know or just want to find out more about them.

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Starting a conversation

Hi, I’m Luke from Native Speaker and you are?

Have we meet before?

Hi, James, is it? I think we’ve met before at the Native Speaker conference in Paris

Hi, I saw you at the Native Speaker talk, what did you make of it?

Hi, I’m Luke I’m a trainer for Native Speaker, nice to meet you

Hi, how are you enjoying the event so far?

Interesting conference so far…

I'm sorry, to interrupt, but are you talking about online English teaching? I'm Luke by the way...

Hi, I don’t believe we’ve met before, I’m Luke from Native Speaker


Have you met Luke from Native Speaker before?

That’s Luke he works for Native Speaker he’s responsible for …

James, I’d like you to meet Luke, he works for… / he is a trainer from Native Speaker

Sam, this is Luke from Native Speaker who I told you about

Could you introduce me to Luke, I haven’t spoken to him before and I’ve got a few questions

Do you know anyone here who works in training that you could put me in contact with?

Talking about work

I’ve been working for Native Speaker for 10 years

How long have you been working for Native Speaker?

What do you do? (what is your job)

What made you choose Native Speaker?

I used to work for Native Speaker as a business trainer

I work in our Minsk office

We are thinking about / in the process of opening an office in Lviv

I am responsible for…

My job involves….

What do you stand on <situation in work> ?

What do you think about the <situation in work>?

Talking about the event

Is it your first time at the Native Speaker conference?

Did you see Luke’s talk on Online English Teaching?

What do/did you make of the point he made about…. ?

Who do you plan on seeing today?

Are there any speakers here you’ve seen before?

Who is up next?

Do you know what time it finishes?

Small Talk

What are your plans for after the conference?

Where / Whereabouts are you staying?

Is it true it always rains in England?

Did you have any trouble finding the venue?

Have you tried any of the local food yet?

How was your journey here?

Is it your first time in <city/country>?

Have you had the chance to see any of the city yet?

What are your plans this evening / after the conference?


Would it be possible to take your business card?

Could I give you my card?

I would like to talk about this in more details, how can I contact you?

Who should I contact to talk about this in more details?


It was great to meet you, enjoy the rest of your trip / the conference

It was a pleasure speaking to you

Unfortunately, I have to leave. Nice meeting you.

I’m sorry, but I have to speak to Luke from Native Speaker, it was nice speaking to you. May be our paths will cross again later.

It was nice to meet you, but sadly I have to leave.

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