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For Students: Pictures

Updated: Mar 21

What would a good caption be for the last picture you took? Is it good enough to frame? If you look really closely, has anybody photobombed your picture? Some people think anyone can take a picture, but can anyone take a decent picture? Some people have an eye for a good picture and they can see things and angles others can’t. If you checked the last 20 pictures you took, how many would be selfies? And how many would be mirror selfies? If you have 35% or more, I think it’s fair to say you are vain. But that’s OK, celebrate your beauty. Not everyone is photogenic and likes to be on camera

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The good thing about taking pictures is they capture a memory, even memories you probably don’t want to remember. The night you got smashed and started singing Queen and woke up the next morning to see you were tagged in 15 pictures. You won’t forget it. It could be worse, you could be a celebrity and have the paparazzi hounding you and trying to pap you and your family everywhere you go. And just think if you got arrested, your mug shot would be taken, and then probably leak onto the internet and go viral.

Almost everyone has an Instagram account these days, people upload their latest snaps and then usually crop, edit, and post. Instagram caters for every interest from street photography to nature all the way to memes. It’s not all about the likes. A place to be inspired, motivated, or depressed as you look at the food porn your friend just posted with a picturesque backdrop. I see the expression and artistic value in Instagram, but I am always wary of those accounts with 0 posts…. The words stalk and stalker come to mind 😉

Taking a picture in English sounds easy, but it’s not when you have to arrange people into a complex way. Below are some phrases you can use just in case you have to organise a group photo.

Directing people

Move to your left/right -

Come forward (a bit) -

Go back (a bit) -

Move back (a bit) -

Turn around -

Turn to your left/right

Stand back-to-back

Stand next to...

Stand in front of

Stand behind <name>

<name> face <name>

The other leg/hand

The other way

Getting people to pose

Kneel down (on 1 knee)

Crouch down –

Put your left hand on..

Sit down on the left/right/middle

Cross your legs

Fold your arms

Lay down

Hold your arms apart

Put your hands on your hips

Put your hands on top of each other

'Say whiskey'

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Captionthe text that goes with a picture

Frame(v)to put a picture inside a frame and display it somewhere

Photobombto do something in the background of somebody’s picture without them knowing

Decentabove average nearer good

An eye for (something)the ability to see things others can’t see

Angles - different views and positions of where to take a picture

Mirror selfiea picture of you looking into a mirror

Vain someone who likes to look at themselves a lot and take care of their own appearance

Photogenic - someone who always looks good in pictures

Smashed to be very drunk

Tag to connect a person to a picture

Celebrity a famous person

Paparazzi people who take pictures for magazines and newspapers

Hound to bother and harass someone

Pap to take a picture. Connected to Paparazzi

Mug shota picture that is usually taken after you get arrested

Leak when some information or files that shouldn't be seen in public are

To go viralwhen a picture or video is shared on the internet and then seen by millions

Upload - putting a file from your phone or computer onto the internet.

Snaps - pictures

Crop - selecting part of a picture. Usually because the picture is too big

Cater for –providing

Memes - a picture of something with some text in the picture. Usually funny.

Picturesque - beautiful

Backdrop - the background of a picture

Wary unsure of, suspicious

Stalk - to follow someone closely and gain information without them knowing. Tge person is called a stalker

Arrange - to order people or things in a special way

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