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For Students: Money

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

I recently left Lviv for the academic year, and unfortunately I was fined on my way out because I had overstayed my legal time allowed in the country.

Before I head back to England for my regular teaching work in my home town, I decided to take a bit of a holiday. I've already been to 4 different countries, and that means I've already been spending 4 different currencies. It usually takes a few days to get accustomed to the new currency, the prices, and how much I should really be paying for a Coca-Cola....

I managed to save up during the last 7 months to take this holiday which will let my wallet see 5 different country's notes and coins. I keep any left over currency and withdraw new money from a cash machine when I get to the new country. You usually get a better rate withdrawing from a cash point, but an annoying bank charge. Unlike rates, one thing that is certain is after this trip I will be skint, and I will wince when I look at my bank statement or check my balance, but I'll be richer in memories and culture... blablabla ;)

I like you, no doubt, spend more money when on holiday and at the end of the day my pockets are usually full of receipts. The bulk of my money goes on eating out (surprise surprise) I'm not a frugal traveller when it comes to food, but I do shop around when I go to buy any electronics or clothing.

Luckily, I get to top up each summer when I go home and work for an international college. I get paid an hourly rate and get my wages on the penultimate Friday of each month. It's always nice to get your payslip/wage slip a few days before to see how much will be paid into your account.

The other teachers there are salaried, so they get paid the same wages each month regardless of their hours unless they do overtime. Most people prefer to be salaried because it gives them a stable income which allows them to get mortgages, and loans.

OK, I have to love you and leave you, it's time for me to go out and watch tonight's big football match and spend some more HUF....... I wonder if I will have enough left over to leave a tip.



Have you ever been fined for something?

Which note is your favourite from your currency?

Do you live near a cash machine?

Are you a frugal traveller?

Do you get paid an hourly rate or are you salaried?

Do you always have money left over after you go on holiday?

Do you have a stable enough income for the bank to give you a mortgage?

Do you always leave a tip at a restaurant?


A fine/to fine(someone) – money you have to pay when you do something wrong

Currency – money of a country

Accustomed to – to feel comfortable

Save up – when you save money for a purpose

Wallet – a thing MEN keep their money in. Women use a purse. They are different shapes

Notes – paper money

Withdraw – to take money out of a cash machine

Left over – money that is unspent

Cash machine/Cashpoint – an ATM

Bank charge – an amount that is charged to your account by your bank for some reason

Rate – the exchange rate. £1 = $1.5

Skint – when you don't have any money

Wince – to look with pain

Statement – a detailed history of your payments and withdraws

Check your balance – to see how much money you have on your account

Receipt – a piece of paper to show you have paid for something

The bulk of (something) – A very big part

Frugal – someone who counts all the pounds and pennies when buying things

Top up - to add money to something

To shop around – to go to different places looking for the best price

Hourly rate – the amount of money you get paid every hour

Wages – money you get every week or month

Wage slip/payslip – a document detailing your wages

To pay in – to transfer money to an account

To be salaried - when you get paid a set amount of money regardless of the hours you do

Overtime - extra money you get when you go over your hours in your contract

Income - the total amount of money you earn during a month

Mortgage - a loan to buy property

A loan - money the bank gives you, that you have to pay back over time. A tip - money you leave at a restaurant for the waiter or waitress

Cheers - English native speaker in Lviv - Not speaking enough English? Join an online English speaking club

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