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For Students: Music

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Do you sing in the shower..... strange question or not? I thought, like me, everyone sings in the shower. I thought it was as normal as pressing play, pause, rewind and fast-forward when listening to music, but it seems that most people here in Lviv, Ukraine, are split on this. I can't imagine a world without singing in the shower or music...

Talking of music. Have you ever been to a gig? How close were you to the stage? Were you close enough to smell the sweat of the frontman? or maybe you were too busy in a mosh pit to be worried about the band. Were the support(s) act any good? Maybe they were rubbish or they were really good and are an up-and-coming band. And how was the sound? The sound differs at different venues and some really have poor acoustics. Maybe you haven't been to a gig because every time you try to buy a ticket for the band or singer you want to see, they are sold out and the only way to get a ticket is from a tout and their prices are sky-high and out of your budget.

To hear someone say they aren't really into music is one of the saddest things to hear. Music brings out so much emotion. Who doesn't put on their headphones/earphones and listen to music when they go to the gym? The music we choose helps motivate us. We might play a whole album, just a single, or just some different tracks from different artists. If you're ever in need of some gym-inspiration, check out the Rock IV soundtrack with its perfect theme song Eye of the Tiger to get your working that extra-bit harder

It's (almost) impossible to have a favourite band because there is so much good music out there, but we know which genres we don't like. If you're not a fan of pop, you still might not get the latest popular song out of your head because it's so catchy. While we have control of what we play on our mp3 players and phones, we don't have any control over the jukebox. You might be unlucky to be in a place where a girl keeps putting her money in and choosing the one-hit-wonder from Aqua – Barbie Girl. God help you. Or a cover of one of your favourite songs which you can't stand!

Nowadays, I rarely listen to the radio and most of my music listening happens on YouTube where I can listen to music that isn't censored, read the lyrics, or watch the music video for the song because in the UK, MTV doesn't show them anymore.

As I write this post I am listening to Liam Gallagher - Come Back to Me. Liam was the frontman of Oasis who are one of my favourite bands. This is a single from his first solo record/album which came out late last year.I'm glad to say It's pretty good and not a flop.


Are there any up-and coming bands in your city?

Which is the biggest music venue in your city?

Have you ever bought a ticket off a tout?

Can you think of two other theme songs from films?

Do radios censor English songs in your country?

Have you got a favourite music video?

Do you prefer any covers to the original?

Cheers - English native speaker in Lviv


Press - to touch something with pressure

Rewind - to go back in time of the song

Fast-forward - to go forward in time of the song

Gig – an informal word for concert

Stage – the place where the band plays

Frontman – the leader of the band. Usually the signer

Mosh pit – the place where people run and jump into each other... only at heavier music gigs.

Support act – the artist who plays before the main band

Up-and-coming – an exciting new band not yet really famous

Venue – a place where a gig happens

Sold out – no more tickets to buy

Tout - a person who buys tickets and then sells them at a higher price.

Into – like

Headphones/Earphones – the things you put on or in your ears to listen to music

Album – a collection of songs

Single – one song released from an album

Track – songs

Soundtrack – a collection of songs from a film or TV series

Theme song – the main song of a film or TV programme

Out there - available to listen to

Fan - like

Genre – type of music

Catchy – a song that easily gets in your head

Jukebox – a machine you put money in and then choose the music it plays

One-hit-wonder – a song from a band or singer that is very popular, but it's the only song that is popular for them

Cover - a copy of another person's song. To cover is when someone plays another person's song

Censor – to take away the bad words in songs

Lyrics – words of a song

Music video - the film that goes with the song. Solo album/record - an album a person does away from their normal band they are associated with

Come out - released so the public can buy

Flop - an unsuccessful album or song

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