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Business English: Language for meetings

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

You might work in a company where you have meetings each day about projects, changes, or teleconferences with your international colleagues or customers. I'm not sure if anyone actually likes these meetings, especially when they are in-house. You almost always get that one person asking questions that then delays the end of the meeting by at least 30 minutes(if you're lucky!)

If you don't have a person in your meetings like that, it's you!

But, on a serious note, there are a set of expressions which you can take into your next international meeting and use. Below you will find some useful expressions broken down into different areas that you can use, along with a couple of practice exercises which you can put the expressions into practice.

Enjoy your meeting.....

Asking for someone's opinion

Where do you stand on this?

What do you make of <situation>?

What's your take on.. ?

What do you think?

What do you reckon?

Asking for the status on something

Where are we/you with...

What's the situation with ….

Can I get an update on....

How far along are we with....

Giving your opinion

I reckon...

As far as I'm concerned...

How I see it is...

Personally I think...

I believe..

It seems to me..

I find it...

I think...


I think so too

Me too (agreeing to a positive)

You're spot on

(very) true

I feel the same as <name>

That's exactly what I was thinking

I totally agree


I couldn't agree any more

Everything you say is bang/spot on

I completely agree


I understand everything you're saying, but...

Me neither (agreeing to a negative)

I don't think so

You make a good point, but...

I don't agree with what <name> says about.. That's not going to work - when an idea/way of doing something is suggested


I don't completely agree

I somewhat agree, but

I'm not so sure

I'm torn on this.

I think it's unclear


Sorry to stop you there, but..

Excuse me for interrupting, but

If I could just jump in here.

Sorry to stop you there, but...


Sorry, but...

Could I just say that...

Just to make it clear...

Sorry to interrupt you,

Sorry to cut in, but..


Conversation #1

A: We need to make a decision about our logo by tomorrow. John __________

B: __________ it still needs work and we need to look at some small changes, especially with the colour

C:_____________ we don't really have enough time to start changing colours

B: _____________ we still have the artist in the office, so it shouldn't be a problem

A: Susan __________

D: _____________ the colours could be better, but we are lacking time, so _________ we should just go to release

<asking for opinion> <giving my opinion> <disagree> <disagree> <asking opinion> <agree> <giving opinion>

Conversation #2

A: James, ________________

B: Monday is the day we think...

C: _______they called us yesterday to tell us they is a problem with one of their machines, but everything is up in the air

D: _________ we should choose another printer because we are short of time

E: ___________

B: __________ we have worked with Kool many many before and I think we need to show some loyalty and stick with them

<status update> <interrupt> <opinion> <agree> <disagree>

Cheers - English native speaker in Lviv

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