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For Students: Ways of saying I like, I don't like, and it's OK

I hope you like this post today as we look at other ways to say I like and I don't like, and it's OK. Students will often overly use the word like, but there are many other words and phrases we can replace like with to help us stop using it too much and help our English sound more varied. We also have more words and phrases to say we don't like something. Also, sometimes we just want to say something is OK without just saying OK. We have phrases for that too.

I like..

I'm a fan of – I'm a fan of Italian food

I'm into – I'm into independent films

I'm keen on – I'm keen on travelling

I enjoy – I enjoy walking

I'm interested in - I'm interested in archery

We also have the higher level of 'like'

I'm crazy about – He's crazy about Japanese culture

I'm obsessed with – She's obsessed with Imagine Dragons.

I love - I love pizza

I'm mad about - He's mad about football

Note: I have left out 'adore' simply because while it is used quite a bit by Ukrainians I find it strange to hear unless it is ' I adore her/him ' That actually brings up another point. If you google the meaning of an English word, click 'Translations, word origin, and more definitions' and you will see how commonly used the word has been over the years including nowadays. The word adore has been on a steady decline since 1800

It's OK..

It's alright – I watched it and it was alright

It's not bad - The book is not bad

It's nothing special – Bratislava was nothing special

I'm not the biggest fan in the world of – I'm not the biggest fan in the world of going to the gym, but it's OK

I won't go out of my way to – I won't go out my way to watch the next series,

It's not the most <adj> but it's OK – It's not the most exciting book, but it's OK

I don't like..

It's not for me – Cricket is not for me.

It's not my cup of tea – Heavy metal is not my cup of tea

It doesn't do anything for me – Horror films don't do anything for me

I'm not a fan - I'm not a fan of Apple products

We also have the higher level of 'I don't like'

I can't stand – I can't stand fish

I loath – I loath Liverpool FC

It's rubbish - I think cricket is rubbish I absolutely hate - I absolutely hate my boss


I'm not a fan of......

When I was younger I was crazy about....

I'm into.....

I think ...... is nothing special

I won't go out of my way to .....

....... is not for me

....... doesn't do anything for me

I can't stand......

I absolutely hate....

Cheers - English native speaker in Lviv

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