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For Students: Talking about the future

Well, I'm back after a 5-week break. A 5 week period that saw me meet snow in Germany, +22 sunshine in Spain, and wind and rain in England.

I hope you all had a good 2017 and a good New Year's Eve and didn't wake up in 2018 with too much of a hangover.

It's quite difficult to get back into the swing of things when you've had such a lengthy time off, but I think a good way to kick off 2018 is to look at some phrases we can use to talk about our future plans for the head year ahead.

Note: The percentages below are just a rough guide and are in no way official

100% - Going to - something that is already planned or already decided

I'm going to visit China in August

90% - Highly likely – something that is very possible, but no plans have been officially made

It's highly likely I'll go to Italy again in the summer

80% - It's possible - a weaker version of the above

It's possible I'll be back in Lviv for the next academic year

70% - I will try to... - something you will make an effort to happen

I will try to join the world of programmers and teach myself a computer language with the help of my mate YouTube

60% - I hope - something that you're not really confident that will happen.

I hope I'll visit at least 4 new countries this year.

50% - I might - something you're not too concerned about, but there's a 50/50 chance of it happening

I might start thinking in a healthier way. More exercise and less fast food.

40% - If I get the chance, I'll - something not likely to happen, but in the small change it does, you will take the opportunity.

If I get the chance, I'll

40% - I would like to.. - something you would enjoy doing, but it's not too realistic

I would like to write a book of short stories in 2018

25% It's unlikely - something that probably won't happen

It's unlikely I'll go to the World Cup in Russia in summer

0% I definitely won't/am not going to... - you have a better chance of winning the lottery ;)

I definitely won't be anywhere else other than Torquay for the summer.

What do you plan on doing this year?

I'm going to.....

It's highly likely I'll....

It's possible I'll...

I will try to....

I hope

I might...

If I get the chance, I'll..

I would like to..

It's unlikely I'll...

I definitely won't ...

Cheers - English native speaker in Lviv

#learnenglish #talkingaboutthefuture #englishlesson

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