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For Students: Slang

Every country has its own slang. This is informal words and expressions that you will hear everyday on the streets of any country. You will no doubt come across it if you watch films, or TV shows about real life. You might even have your own favourite slang words and expressions, but you also might not be aware of them because you don't see them in the course book you're studying from.

Today we are going to have a look at some common slang that is often used (in the UK)

Words: Here are some slang words and phrases that usually replace the 'normal' ones

Loads – simply meaning a lot of: There were loads of people at the post office

Ages – to wait a long time: I had to wait ages at the post office

Mad - something very good: Yeah, you need to see it, its mad!

Swap – to change something for another: Swap the chairs, one of them is broken

Pissed – drunk: Mike was so pissed last night he dropped his phone in his beer.

Cheers – thank you: I fixed your bike. Really? Cheers!

Rubbish – not very good: I watched that film and it was rubbish!

Someone/something does my head it – something annoying: People who walk slowly in front of me when I'm in a rush does my head in

Sort<something> out -fix / arrange something – I don't know when my next day off is, but let's sort something out next week

Massive - very big - I just bought a massive TV for my front room

Loaded - someone who has a lot of money - The guy is loaded. He's always buying new stuff

Sorted - its fixed or arranged: Did you fix your phone? Yeah it's sorted

You're having a laugh – really? I don't believe you -You won £1000? You're having a laugh!

Questions: Also some of the regular questions you are taught are asked in a more informal way

What did you get up to, last night? - What did you do last night?

What have you been up to? / What's new? - What have you been doing since the last I saw you?

How's it going? / How's tricks? / How you doing? - How are you?

What are you up to tonight? - What are your plans for tonight?

Whereabouts are you from? - Where exactly are you from?

Practice: Just like your coursebook.... fill the gap ;)

I went to the shop, but there was a ______ queue so I didn't wait

There are _____ of people in there I don't want to wait _____ just to find out they are out of stock

I need to ________ my laptop it hasn't been working properly for the last few days

He's gone on holiday again? He's _______ he's always on holiday

Don't ask him now he is _____ he won't remember in the morning

I _____ my Samsung for John's iPhone

That ride is ______ you really need to go on it

You did 500 press-ups last night? _____________

________________ not much really, I bought a new car.

________________ not bad, cheers, and you?

________________ I'm not sure. I might stay in

________________ Rybnik. It's in the Silesian



Loads, ages

Sort out





You're having a laugh

What have you been up to? / What's new?

How's it going? / How's tricks? / How you doing?

What are you up to tonight?

Whereabouts are you from?


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