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For Teachers: Haters gonna hate. IELTS SPEAKING

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

This lesson I've decided to call 'haters gonna hate' I haven't used this lesson myself yet, but I hope I can soon. There is a TV programme in the UK which celebrities go on and talk about their pet hates, discuss it, and then decide whether or not it's good enough to be banished into Room 101. For years I've always wanted to create a lesson based on it. After I finished making my notes for this lesson, I thought I'd do a Google search to see if their were any other lessons based on the TV show, and there is. There is an excellent Room 101 lesson which you can use as an alternative. I stole the same video they use in that lesson.

This lesson can also be used as an IELTS lesson to practise speaking at length, and structuring a longer answer for Speaking Part 2 and developing answers for Part 3. This lesson was planned with Upper-intermediate students in mind.

All the materials including this lesson plan can be found at the bottom of the post.

1. Write the expression ' haters gonna hate ' and then ask Ss if they've heard it before, where, and what does it mean? And do you ever use 'I hate... ' and if so what for? Then ask them in pairs or groups to write down as many alternatives for I don't like it / I hate Example: It drives me crazy....

There is a (annoying) song by Taylor Swift called Shake it off in which she uses this expression. This expression has also found its way into modern society. In feedback, board some of the expressions while adding a few important ones that students might miss. Go over them in turns of their intensity

2. Write one thing on the board that 'does your head in' For example mine would be kissing in public and explain how you define this and then give a reason and an example why this annoys you before asking if anyone agrees or disagrees with you. Try and provoke opinions and as a round up ask Ss if it's good to ' get these pet hates off your chest ' and why.

Choose something that annoys you enough that will get a reaction and spark Ss debating when you through it out to them if they agree or disagree. Remember it doesn't have to be true.

3. Explain in the UK there is a TV programme called Room 101 where celebrities come on the show and express their pet hates and then discuss it before deciding if it should banished into Room 101 and never to return. Tell Ss they are going to watch a clip of the show and during it they should complete the two listening tasks.

The second listening is a gap-fill aimed at some useful collocations. You might want/have to spend some time on these after the listening. Post question could be, what do you think about selfies, and are they annoying? And. when was the last time you asked someone to take a picture?

4. Refer Ss to IELTS speaking part 2 and elicit all the information about the speaking part before listing, brainstorming, and revising the following areas of language that be used in this part…. giving opinion / adding points / giving examples / contrasting /

5. Give Ss the box with words and expressions connected to the categories that you've just talked about and get them to order them into the correct category before giving them the grid with the correct answers. eXtra You could ask Ss to make sentences using some some of the language for things that annoy them if lots of it is new to them, but remember not to let them reveal too much as they will have this chance later.

There are many different ways you can do this part of the lesson, so feel free to chop and change it. An interactive way of doing this could be by calling out the expression and having a race to call out the category, and to give an example sentence before winning the point. You could also cut them out or board them and have students work as a group to categorise then words and expressions. During the exercise be sure to go around, monitor and offer examples if needed.

6. Give Ss 2 minutes preparation time to work on their own to think about one thing that annoy them. Encourage them to make notes and to choose some of the the language from the grid (ideally those that they don't use as much) that they would like to use.

Note: All Ss should start by defining what their pet hate refers to. Example: Kissing in public - this is when you are in a public places such as a shopping centre or restaurant and you see a couple blatantly kissing with no care for anyone around them.

Depending on how good your Ss are with preparing for the speaking part 2 you could give them just 1 minute – like the exam.

7. Put Ss in groups and let them take turns to share their pet hates before discussing them and taking a group vote if they think it's worthy of Room 101

Setting the amount of the time the Ss have to talk for on their own is up to you. Personally I would give them a 60 - 70 second time frame, but it's totally down to you

8. End the lesson with feedback and error correction. Be sure to ask the Ss for some of the things that made it into Room 101 and those that didn't and why


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