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For Students: Travel and transport

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

I thought I'd write a post looking at words, mainly phrasal verbs, connected with travel and transport and tell you about my journey to Lviv, Ukraine. There will probably be a number of words you might be unsure of, but I have listed them all at the bottom of the text with simplified meanings. Hopefully you should be able to get the meaning from context.

Note: The difference between trip and journey is a journey is from A to B and a trip is A to B and back to A. We often say ' Have a safe journey ' Have a good trip ' when see someone off.

I set off on my journey at 5:30 am on Monday morning. I don't live near an airport, so I had to get a coach to Bristol Airport. I was early, so I had to hang around waiting. The coach came and I got on it and away we went to the airport. On the way to the airport it stopped off at a few places as more people got on.

I got to the airport and went through security. Luckily the machines didn't go off and I didn't have to be patted down. My flat was delayed, so I killed time by looking at all the shops. We took off 30 minutes late but touched down only 5 minutes after we were expected.

I got off the plane and headed to passport control. I went through without any problems and then got my luggage. At the airport a friend of mine was there to pick me up. We listened and sang to The Beatles as we drove around Lviv and then he dropped me off at my flat. I had a shower and then went out for some food. Borscht.. what else? ;) I went back to my flat and went to bed. I was knackered after my long journey.

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Word List

See (s/o) off - To say goodbye before they leave.

Set off - To begin your journey

A coach - the big bus that goes long distances

Hang around - to wait without any doing anything meaningful

Get on - to enter public transport

Stop off - a stop a driver has to make as it's part of the journey

Go through - to walk from one side of something to the other

Get off - to leave public transport

Pat (s/o) down - to feel the body of a person to check for anything dangerous

Go off - when an alarm sounds

Kill time - to do something to make the time go quicker

Take off - when the leave leaves the ground

Touch down - when the planes comes back to the ground Note: I much prefer the word landed

To head somewhere - To follow signs

Pick up - to collect someone or something

Drop off - to take someone or something somewhere

Knackered - Very tired


Let's see how much you can remember, and if you can choose the correct word to form a question.

What time did I ______ ? 5:30 am

What did I take to get to the airport?

What's the phrasal verb used to enter and leave public transport?

You have to ______ _____ security and what?

If you go through security with a gold watch, what will the alarm do?

What is the best way to ____ _____ at an airport when you're waiting for your flight?

Do you prefer ______ or ________ on a plane?

Who _____ me _ _____ and _____ me _____ at the airport and my flat ?



1. set off

2. a coach

3. get on and get off

4. go through. passport control

5. It will go off

6. Kill time

7. taking off / touching down

8. picked up / dropped off - My friend

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