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For Students: Talking about days off and weekend plans.

It's the weekend tomorrow – Saturday and Sunday. Note: Some Russian/Ukrainian speaking students often refer to this as a holiday. It shouldn't be referred to as a holiday, just the weekend. And remember, it always includes Saturday and Sunday and it always refers to both days. When we are away from work we can use the word holiday. This usually means we have at least a week or two away from work and doing our jobs. If we do have one day free or two, we simply call this a day(s) off. When there is a national holiday,like Good Friday, a day when businesses usually close and people don't have to work, we call these days bank holidays in English. In the UK they usually always happen on a Monday. In England we have 8 bank holidays a year. How many are there in your country?

Have a look at this conversation

Joe: Oh, no, I've got work tomorrow!

Ben: Really? You do know it is a bank holiday tomorrow, right?

Joe: I thought it was next week

Ben: No it's tomorrow

Joe: GREAT! No work tomorrow. Let's have another beer.

Ben: Let me get them. I have a day off on Tuesday,

Joe: Lucky you

Ben: Yeah, and next week I'm on holiday for a week

What are your plans for the weekend? Do you know? Don't you know? Are you unsure? Let's look at some expressions you can use to talk about your weekend (and future plans) and the different percentage of sureness.

First, let's look at a more natural way of saying 'What are you doing for the weekend?' We can say 'We are you up to this weekend?' This means exactly the same as what are you doing, but is more natural.

What are you up to this weekend?

I'm going to 100% the cinema

(I don't know..) I'll probably 90% go to Exeter

(I'm not sure) I might... 60% go shopping

I doubt I'll 45% stay in

It's unlikely I'll 30% have to work

I'm not going to 0% cook

I definitely won't 0% go to the gym

Note: These percentages are just a rough-guide.

So, what are you up to this weekend?

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