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Job interview

It is highly likely at a job interview they will ask you about yourself. They could surprise you about asking for your strengths and weaknesses. It's always good to think of two before the interview which you can give if they ask, but back up the negatives with some changes you are currently making to improve.

If you have never had an interview in English before then the idea might make you panic. That's why it's best to practise before you have the interview


I offer interview preparation in this one-off lesson which is broken down into the follow steps. 

1. Send your CV & Job

You send me your CV and the job description of the job you are applying for. This will help me prepare specific questions about you, your experience, and the job you are applying for. 

2. General questions

This is just a warm up to make you feel more relaxed some general questions about how you're feeling and when the interview is. 

3. All about you

These questions are about you which could be about your interests to your weaknesses and things you'd like to improve on.

4. Education 

Specific questions about your choice of education.

5. Work experience 

Specific questions about your work experience.

6. The job

Specific questions about the jobs you are applying for. 

7. Tell me when... 

The hardest type of questions where you need to explain situations you were in and give examples.  

This one-off session can be done either in-person or online and will last around 60 minutes. I will try to make some of the questions as difficult as possible to prepare you in the best way. 

If needed, this preparation can be repeated 2-3 times to get you in the best possible shape for your interview. 


Luke - English native speaking working online and in Lviv, Ukraine.



Job interview

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