Hey company, it's great that you are thinking about providing your employees with English lessons at your workplace. English is so important nowadays, and what better way to improve and maintain your English level than having an qualified English native speaking teacher come to your office. 

Before anything is arranged I think it's best for me to clarify what I offer and expect from you before any meeting happens as not to waste each others time



1. All lessons I provide have been designed to maximise and improve students' speaking and vocabulary skills while correcting and noting any mistakes and mixed usage of formal and informal language.

In other words, I will make you a more natural and fluent speaker of English and eradicate commonly made mistakes and misuses of vocabulary made by Russian and Ukrainian speakers. 

Exam preparation lessons, and other tailored lessons will carry the same principles as above, but planned in a different way.

2. Ideally lesson student numbers should be kept to a maximum of 8 to allow each student more opportunities to express their thoughts and ideas as well as allowing for error correction

3. Each lesson is 60 minutes long and each lesson is charged at 650 UAH. Payment is preferred in cash and is expected after each lesson. If you wish to officially be invoiced for the company's lessons by my Ltd company, then this is no problem, but the rate change is as follows. 1 x lesson a week 900UAH per lesson 2 x lessons a week 800UAH per lesson 3 x lessons a week 750UAH per lesson. Prices include tax

Some companies I have worked at or currently work at are SombraKeepItElitexEricsson, and LaSoft. I am more than happy for you to contact them directly for a reference of my work. 

5. Day / time: There is space on most days depending on the time and location  and I would welcome at least 2 suggestions that are suitable for you which I can then try and accommodate. Weekends are non-working days.

4. Cancellations. I expect at least 12 hours notice if a lesson has to be cancelled.  If you cancel the lesson with fewer than 12 hours to start time, this lesson will be charged.

5. Travel. The maximum travel time to your office should not exceed 30 minutes from my location of Kuchera 22.

6. Equipment. To conduct lessons on you're work premises I will require a room with access to a project or screen - a laptop is OK for small groups -  and a whiteboard or flip chart

I have tried to cover everything, but if I have forgotten anything, feel free to ask.

If you are still interested in working together, let me know what days and times you are available for a meeting.

Giving YOU the chance to SPEAK! 

35 EUR- 60 minutes

150 PLN- 60 minutes

650 UAH - 60 minutes

35 USD  - 60 minutes


Native English

When you meet someone for the first time and you want to know where they are from and what city or town they are from, you might ask the question 'Where are you from?' this is fine, and a typical answer might be, Czech Republic. The second question you will probably ask is 'which city (in Czech Republic) are  you from? ' A more natural way of having this conversation is..

Where are you from? England
Whereabouts (in England)? Torquay
You? Ukraine
Whereabouts? Lviv

IELTS preparation in Lviv

Current location

22 Akademika Romana Kuchera St Lviv, Ukraine 79000

+44 75-41-40-27-27

+380 930 40-42-45

+48 574-280-680

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