I can also help with proofreading – checking documents -  writing CVs, writing and rewriting any important documents as well as copy writing an article . Anything that is connected to the English language, I am here to help, including voice-over work. If you are looking for a native English speaker from England for something. Get 


4 Euro - Per page

20 Zloty - Per page

100UAH- Per page

7 USD - Per page


in contact. Prices will depend on the size of the project, but all projects will be done to the highest standard and as quickly as possible.


Luke - British native speaker in Lviv 

Native English

The word get has many different meanings and is used a lot by native speakers. Understanding its many different meanings will help you understand how it is being used

Where did you get your shoes? (buy)
Did you get my email? (receive)
I don't get it! (understand)

When did you get here (arrive)


Current location

22 Akademika Romana Kuchera St Lviv, Ukraine 79000

+44 75-41-40-27-27

+380 930 40-42-45

+48 574-280-680

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