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You've been working hard all week and now you want to have some FUN! Why not mix using your employees' English language skills and playing some fun English word games, so you can all have a laugh and a joke and also use and improve your English. Why not order some pizza too... 



60 Mins - 1000UAH

90 Mins - 1500UAH

Minimum: 8 People

Maximum: 16 People

What are 'Fun' sessions I hear you say, well these are 60 or 90 minute sessions designed to have fun with English by playing a series of word games. These games are played by everyone at the same time. Some of the games will require you and your partner to compete with other teams, and other games you will need you to beat the person or people opposite you. These sessions involve everyone at the same time and are led by me. 

People: Minimum 8 people / Maximum 16 

Time: 60 minute / 90 minute 

Equipment needed: A screen large enough for everyone to see

Can you invoice our company? I sure can. An invoice and AKT can be provided for the session.

How can I find out more? Feel free to call or get in contact using any of the below methods. We can also arrange a meeting in person to go over the details.  

Native English

If someone is a good laugh, it means they are fun to be with and usually have a good sense of humour. Also, if someone says something will be a good laugh, it means it will be enjoyable. 

I like James, he's a good laugh

You should come to football on Wednesday it's a good laugh. 


Current location

22 Akademika Romana Kuchera St Lviv, Ukraine 79000

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