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Football English


English is the international language of the world, and so is football, so why not mix the two together. I offer online and face-to-face lessons on the topic of football. The main purpose of these lessons are for you to use your English to talk about something you love. Football. Each lesson lasts for 60 minutes and each lesson is broken into 4 parts that look similar to this...


Part 1 - From the weekend. A talk about the results from the weekend 


Part 2 - Your first football shirt.

A chance to talk about the first football shirt we got and any football shirts we own now and ones we like or dislike. 


Part 3 - Messi or Ronaldo. A chance for us to look at both players and decide who we think is better and why


Part 4 - The weekend. A look ahead at the following weekend's games and for us to make our predictions. 

Of course, corrections will be made with any mistakes that you make, but how main objective here is to speak as much as possible and build on fluency

It is recommended to have at least a B1 level of English and have a better than average knowledge of the world of football past and present. 



Football English Lessons Online & Face-to-face with a native speaker


English native speaker
Football English

When a team wins against another team, we say that team BEAT the other team. We don't say Arsenal won A.C. Milan, but we say Arsenal beat A.C. Milan 



1st Lesson  - 500UAH

1 x Lesson  - 700UAH

4 x Lessons - 2400UAH

In-Company - 900UAH

Online Lesson - 700UAH

More about prices here



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