125UAH for a seat at the table


Native English

The word get has many different meanings and is used a lot by native speakers. Understanding its many different meanings will help you understand how it is being used

Where did you get your shoes? (buy)
Did you get my email? (receive)
I don't get it! (understand)

When did you get here (arrive)


Every now and then I host a round the table talk. This is basically like a conversational class. The main objective is to speak about a certain topic, and to use our language skills as each talk will require certain language to use as well vocabulary. Below you can find the details of the upcoming talks, but remember, places are kept to a maximum of 4 to allow for more practise for everyone.

Note: I expect to run round the table speaking clubs again in late August or early September. Hope to speak to you soon. 

Date: TBC

Topic: Success

Minimum Level: Upper-intermediate 

Price: 125UAH

Time: 19:15 (don't be late... we will start without you)

People: 4

Language that will be used: Talking about experiences, giving opinions, adjectives used to talk about successful people

Location: Stryska 76a

Date: TBC

Topic: Fashion

Minimum Level: Intermediate

Price: 125UAH

Time: 18:00 (don't be late... we will start without you)

People: 4

Language that will be used: Clothing and design vocabulary, expressing opinions, talking about tends in society. 

Location: Stryska 76a


Please use the form below to register for the event. You will be contacted within 24 hours after you register


Stryiska 76a  Lviv


+44 75-41-40-27-27

+380 930 40-42-45

+48 574-280-680

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