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The good thing about being in the same room as a teacher is it's social, you can see each other, things can be shown, and the laughs and jokes can be made stronger with a body language or a facial expression. I offer face-to-face lessons in Budapest. Below you

can find all the information about my lessons that should answer any question you might have.



Day/time; Lessons are done Monday to Friday between 8am and 9pm Weekends are possible along with earlier times, but this will need to be agreed.

Location; I offer several options. I can come to you*, you can come to me, <address>, online, or we can meet in a public location** Whichever makes you feel most comfortable

* travel time shouldn't ideally exceed 30 minutes.

** <place> <place> are currently used for lessons. 

Lesson: All lessons have been planned with the same objective, getting you speaking as much as possible. Each lesson is based on a different topic which will look at vocabulary and common mistakes made when talking about the lesson's theme. Corrections will be made throughout when necessary and post lesson feedback will be given. The first lesson will be a general English lesson to allow me to analyse your English while correcting any common mistakes in pronunciation, grammar or vocabulary you may make. This lesson also gives me an idea how to grade the difficulty of our future lessons.

Tailored lessons and exam preparation will obviously work differently

Rate: Each lesson is 60 minutes long. Lessons are charged at 25 Euros, but if 4 lessons are paid for upfront, each lesson will be charged at 22 Euros  All lessons which are in groups of 2 or more are charged at 30 Euros. In-company lessons are charged at 40Euros

Payment: At present I am unable to provide invoices and the preferred methods of payment is cash after the lesson, online, or bank transfer before  the lesson





25 Euro - 60 minutes

75 Zloty - 60 minutes

350UAH - 60 minutes

440 CZK - 60 minutes


Native English

When you meet someone for the first time and you want to know where they are from and what city or town they are from, you might ask the question 'Where are you from?' this is fine, and a typical answer might be, Czech Republic. The second question you will probably ask is 'which city (in Czech Republic) are  you from? ' A more natural way of having this conversation is..

Where are you from? England
Whereabouts (in England)? Torquay
You? Ukraine
Whereabouts? Lviv

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