I have heard some horror stories from students, parents, and ex-students of secondary school students being bombarded with useless grammar, old-fashion language and phrases  and a million gap-fill exercises to practise all this. Even more worryingly, I have heard how speaking isn't tested nor is it given much practice.


23 Euro - 60 minutes

80 Zloty - 60 minutes

500UAH - 60 minutes

25 USD  - 60 minutes


Native English

Getting in the habit of speaking English in your teens is a great way to start a brighter future. In this modern world we live in you have to be comfortable with speaking and using English. The more practising you do, the more confident you become. And, the sooner you start, the better. 


I offer lessons for anyone between 15-17 looking to improve on the spoken English. I'll never ask them to do a gap-fill exercise, and any words or phrases I do give them will be nice and natural. Lesson topics will be general and a lot of the topics we will speak about are also likely to come up the ZNO exam. 



I understand not everyone can afford lessons with a native speaker, and that's why I am happy to offer free lessons to the right student. To be able to qualify for free lessons, and keep in mind this is limited to 1 x 60 minute lesson a week, the student will need to A) submit a 250 word essay - no longer - on "What I like about English and how I plan to use it in the future" and B) an interview which will either be done in person at my classroom or over the phone. 


Please note my academic year runs from September - May

Current FREE student places: 1 

The good thing about younger learners is that they can pick up - learn habits / learn without trying - from other people quite easily, so if you're learning English, picking up (good) habits from a native speaker is definitely a good thing


Current location

22 Akademika Romana Kuchera St Lviv, Ukraine 79000

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