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The Internet is a very very competitive place and to stay ahead of the game you have to write good content. It can be a real problem when you don't know what to write about, and an even bigger problem when you have to write something in English and you don't know how to structure it. This is where I come in.  

I can write an article, blog post, or text for your website, but before I can do that, I'll need some details and of course some keywords. Basically, you contact me with what you're after, and I go away and work my magic and come up with some content that will suit your website or blog perfectly. The information I'll need is....


Price will depend on the size of the work and the time in which it needs to be completed. 


Language Exchange?

Find out more here

Topic and things that need to be included. 

How many words should it be?

Key words, what words and phrase should reappear in this text?

Style, does it need to be informal, formal, or semi-formal, who is going to be reading it?

Time frame, when do you need it finished by?


The total price will depend on the project, but 50% of payment is expected before the work starts and then 50% of payment is expected once the work has been completed and you are satisfied with it. 

Feel free to email, message or call me about any kind of content writing. 




Native English

A common idiom often used to describe someone or something that is the best is 'second to none' for example: Luke is second to none when it comes to native speaking teachers in Lviv. ;) 


Success! Message received.


Current location

22 Akademika Romana Kuchera St Lviv, Ukraine 79000

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